How much water should we really drink?

Kyle Bean

By now you’ve probably heard the recommendation to drink 8 glasses of water per day. But the reality of hydration is more complex. The idea that drinking as much water as possible is super healthy is not true for a lot of people. For certain Mind & Body Types, there IS such a thing as ‘overdrinking’ water as it can weaken one’s kidneys and waterlog the system. 

Each of us has a unique constitutional makeup, with diverse needs. We each have different habits that may dehydrate our bodies so we need to hydrate our bodies based on our unique Mind & Body type, rather than based on what is supposed to work for everyone.

Even without turning to Ayurveda, you probably know if you experience water retention or if you tend to become dehydrated easily. A person who tends to retain water may need to balance their body with exercise, foods, and drinks that act as healthy diuretics, while the person who tends to be dehydrated may benefit from learning about the body’s water absorption process. Here are quick and easy tips to help your body hydrate based on what it needs…



People with AIR in their constitution have a tendency toward dehydration and need PLENTY of quality hydration throughout the day. They should also be mindful of eating foods and drinking the beverages that enable them to hold onto water as overdrinking water (especially if distilled with no minerals) can dehydrate and deplete them even more by flushing electrolytes out of the body through frequent urination.



People with FIRE in their constitution run hot, tending to sweat and metabolize nutrition quickly, thus losing liquids at a rapid rate. To stay in balance, consume…

  • 6/8 glasses a day (8oz = 1 glass)  

  • Room temperature liquids and cooling foods, especially during the hot Spring and Summer months

  • Sip on cooling cucumber and watermelon water or juice

  • Add a few sprigs of mint and lemon to your water to cool and soothe digestion

  • Minimize workouts in hot weather and when overheating, cool the entire body with dips into water and cold showers.


People with EARTH in their constitution tend to retain water and metabolize nutrition slowly. To increase digestive fire and stay in balance, consume…

  • 4/6 glasses a day (8oz = 1 glass)  

  • Spice water: warm water with added heating spices such as ginger and a dash of cayenne

  • Steaming decaf chai

  • When the body retains water, sweat-intensive yoga, exercise, and saunas can help water to move through your body

CareFrance Brunel