How to eat in Spring




If you read our previous article Why Eat With The Seasonsyou know that, according to Ayurveda, eating seasonally is not only better for our health – it keeps our body in balance – but it is also better for the environment and our wallets. 

Now that Spring is officially here, what does it mean for each Mind & Body type and how can we all optimize the season in the next coming months?

Spring is a season of transition characterized by warmth and increased moisture. Just like warm temperatures melt lingering ice and snow and get rivers moving again, they also warm up and liquefy the accumulated excess, such as fat and toxins, accrued during the Winter months. In Spring, our bodies naturally go into cleansing and renewal mode. It’s nature's version of “out with the old, in with the new.” This process can either be revitalizing or it can trigger a number of health challenges, releasing excess mucus, congestion, colds, hay fever and allergies during this season.

Thankfully, knowing which foods will help accelerate and support this seasonal detox process and strengthen our immunity helps us feel better while it’s happening. 

During Winter months, we eat more protein and fatty foods and our bodies retain fat and mucus to overcome the cold temperatures. That effort can deplete our reserve of antioxidants which the liver needs to operate the season’s natural cleansing process. That’s why it’s a good idea to eat a diet that is lower in fat, starch and fruit and high in vegetables to allow the natural cleansing action of the greens to reduce body fat and mucus as the antioxidants help the liver to do its work. So Spring, with leafy green vegetables that are low in sugar, beans, and berries, is the ideal time for balancing out other times of the year, ensuring a “balanced” diet rather than a “constant” diet, which many weight loss plans are prone to recommending. The overall guideline for staying balanced during Spring is to eat foods that are light, dry and warm.


How to balance each Mind & Body type in Spring (take Yoom’s Mind & Body Type Quiz here)

·     Air Types are not disturbed by the damp, slow and heavy qualities of Spring. This is most likely their favorite season so they don’t need to be cautious about offsetting anything. For them, it’s more about making the most of the season with eating a nourishing diet that balances heavy & oily foods to calm their Airy type with lighter foods that support the season’s cleansing process. 

·     Fire Types and their hot nature are generally calmed by the cool, heavy and gentle qualities of Spring.Their oily tendencies can be aggravated by the damp & moist qualities of the season so they should avoid eating too much heating foods like garlic, dried ginger, cayenne pepper, bananas, green grapes, grapefruit, lemon, pineapple, olives, tomatoes, brown rice, hard cheeses, sour cream, most meats (except for chicken and turkey), and nuts.

·     Earth Types are the most affected by Spring season. The moist and heavy qualities of Spring can reinforce the sedentary nature of Earthy Types who tend to be resistant to change overall. But this can also be the perfect season for a fresh start on something you’ve been wanting to work on. Food wise, gradually go off of the heavier foods and begin to favor lighter, more drying foods that will help counterbalance the increased moisture of springtime. Spring is also a good time to avoid foods that are heavy, oily, dense, or cold. Use the minimum of oil when cooking and reduce heavy fruits and vegetables like avocado, banana, coconut, dates, figs, pineapple, plums, cucumbers, olives, parsnips, sweet potatoes, or Summer squash along with sugar and dairy products. Finally, be careful not to overhydrate, especially if you live in a place that is humid and wet.


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