This quiz will help you identify your own Ayurvedic Mind & Body Type - the deck of cards you were dealt with at conception which influences your physical constitution, temperament, likes & dislikes, dietary needs, digestion and metabolism. When you know your Mind & Body type, you better understand why you are the way you are at times. You also discover what diet is most suitable for you and how you can stay healthy, fit and balanced. It shows you what balance looks like for your particular constitution so you can personalize the way you self-care and create a lifestyle that supports your unique nature.

Our Quiz Results

With our Quiz results, you’ll develop a more intimate understanding of your unique needs and we’ll give you personalized recommendations for customizing the way you eat, workout, care for your skin, and sleep to your own constitution. We even list which foods to favor & which ones to avoid, along with herb recommendations, for feeling your most balanced self!


In this quiz, we calculate your Mind & Body Type based on the answers you provide about your physical traits, mental characteristics and emotional behaviors in different scenarios. Answer each question according to what has been true for you throughout your life. If more than one answer applies, select the answer that best reflects your healthiest, most vibrant period of life. For example, if you’ve gained weight in the past few years but have always been slender until then, you’ll choose the ‘slender’ answer choice. If you’ve always been larger with a tendency to gain weight easily, then you’ll pick that answer choice. Just stick to what’s been true for you most of your life.